ranking.pl backend database dropped FOR NOW, to be restored soon

Well, re: the last entry, it's unfortunately come to this and I've had to drop the entire database. I will now begin migrating arcturus.su to a new server I have purchased, and rebuild the database there. I can't say for sure how long this will take but I will try to get it done reasonably soon because the ranking.pl tool is quite popular.

The new service will offer the same features as the old, along with:

  • tracking of actual rank (and some nice graphing I hope)
  • possible pseudo-rank/rate for private lobbies, e.g. it will offer a dan and R for L7447
  • more integrity (data wise - expect 100% accuracy this time)
  • possibly more up-to-date insertion of data, rather than every 24hours

Stay tuned I guess. Also I want to get rid of this hatena blog thing, it's really shitty. I might write something of my own.

ranking.pl backend database being pruned

Hosting issues mean I have to cut the size of the backend MySQL database pretty much immediately. Right now it stands at 10GB, which has recently been a problem anyway (a source of query timeouts re: the last post, for example). My solution in the interim, in order to maintain at least some functionality, is to remove all entries pre-2012-01-01.

mysql> DELETE FROM `gamerecords` WHERE date < '2012-01-01';

This was a hard decision to make. I don't like the fact that I have to do this so soon - in fact, exams make it quite inconvenient for me to be messing with this stuff - but this is the only reliable short term solution. I have backed up the database already, as of 2012-01-15 (pre-insert, so I guess more like 2012-01-14...).

The database will be back, though. My intention is to move to a new server I have set up, but the infrastructure behind arcturus.su is actually quite complex and not that easy to move without a lot of work. There is also just reams of data, which is quite a serious task to host (I believe the entire site exceeds 60GB in size now, given all the Tenhou data in various forms).

It will happen soon, though. For now we have to put up with limited usefulness of ranking.pl, but my hand is being forced in this regard and there is not much that can be done.

I was going to rebuild ranking.pl's backend database anyway, since it had a few problems, so I guess this is a blessing in disguise because it will force me to do it sooner.

Stay tuned for more updates.

ranking.pl experiencing temporary slowdown/inactivity

I realised today that when the day's records are inserted into the MySQL database, ranking.pl starts to throw 504 Gateway Timeouts. Considering this process takes over two hours to complete, I will look into correcting this. Kinda busy right now but I have put a notice on the ranking.pl input page so that people are aware that shit isn't totally fucked.

More updates coming soon.

~10 day downtime on ranking.pl service over, planned patches

The perl executable path changed its location on my server about two weeks ago, so for about 10 days there was limited service for ranking.pl. It's fixed now and the missed days have been entered into the database.

As a result of this I've made a few changes that make it easier to patch any potential gaps or errors in the database. Since it's really big, it can be the case that entries get entered multiple times - checking for duplicate entries is not possible since games are not necessarily unique. I'm in the process of fixing some gaps or double entries that have plagued the database for quite a while.

Also, the 60 millionth game was recently played. There's a record I guess.

I have the intention (but not necessarily the will) to add support for jansou-mode gametype entry into the database. When I get around to it, I will add all games up to that point, meaning the database will be complete. I harvest the data but I haven't automated its entry into the database yet. I think some database modifications are necessary, which might take a million years.

In related news MySQL is a pile of shit, but a necessary evil.

site services revamp, bugfixes, updating to be done

Long overdue is an update in a lot of the backend that runs behind arcturus.su's services. A general TODO list follows:

  • fill in the small gaps in data that still exist in the ranking.pl database (in progress)
  • perhaps add jansou mode data to the ranking.pl database
  • fix up a few bugs and functions that have become outdated that are in use in various bots and utility scripts (partly done)
  • update tenhoudoc.txt
  • make arcturus.su/tenhou/prot/ public, with better guidance
  • expand the features of ranking.pl: I was linked today to a nice greasemonkey script that adds some cool features to it already, made by some kind Japanese soul
  • update any outdated bits (likely many) I have on the main "Tenhou Documentation" web page, and potential layout change
  • perhaps publish source code to thircbot aka tenhou-tan (IRC bot for tenhou), following some code clean up

I don't know how long this stuff will take me, so we'll see. I am engaged from 6-12 July however, so most of this will have to wait a little.

mittens reaches 天鳳位 R3083 to much fanfare

So how did that happen? It's quite simple really. By exploiting a simple oversight in the Tenhou server, mittens was able to always play NoName players. In fact, it is slightly more simple than that - mittens played against disconnected players. Understanding this is not difficult, so I'll go from the top.

Tenhou's game types are integer values made up of ORed values from the following table:

name | value | etc.
MULTI | 0x0001 | versus player
NOAKA | 0x0002 | no red
NOKUI | 0x0004 | no open tanyao
NAN | 0x0008 | east and south
SANMA | 0x0010 | 3-man
TOKU | 0x0020 | upper dan room
SAKU | 0x0040 | fast
HIGH | 0x0080 | dan room
GRAY | 0x0100 | tsumokiri (gray, perhaps because it's highlighted gray)
HOUO | 0x20|0x80 | upper upper dan
SHUUGI | 0x0200 | shuugi mode

Now, the key is the GRAY mode (0x100). GRAY stands for that old mode Tsuno introduced once upon a time that highlighted other players' tiles in-game if they discarded the tile they drew (hence tsumokiri highlight). Because these games are not an additional game level (i.e. TOKU, HIGH, HOUO), there is no restriction on joining it, obviously. It is actually possible to join any type of game you desire by ORing these values as you like, but of course ORing 0x20 or 0x80 carries the additional rank requirement (this did not use to be the case). The caveat, or in this case advantage, is that nobody else does this with 0x100 because GRAY mode has since been removed from the client due to popular demand. Of course, joining in L0000 still means it's ranked. So you can play whoever you like in L0000, provided they can do the same.

So, enter mittens. mittens actually underwent some improvements in terms of AI and reliability, creating mittens+. This might remind you of the undisputed most powerful of bots, nagashibot+, which you can read about here: http://arcturus.su/crap/c/nagashibot+-theory.html. In fact, the technical name for mittens (since it is merely an ID) is nashibot+.pl. Why nashibot? When I first made it, based on a simple get-tenpai-fastest algorithm, I figured it would excel at nashi games. Turns out it didn't. Nevertheless, the name must remain for historical reasons.

Then comes the slave bots. They are simple bots based on tsumokiri bots (draw and discard immediately): on the first draw, disconnect from the server and don't come back. The rationale for this was that the server would then send all of the opponent moves in one packet, and the whole process would be faster. The other reason is that my shell provider doesn't allow me to run more than 3 processes for prolonged periods of time, so this way there is only 1 process running rather than 4 most of the time. Good stuff.

The last problem is the issue that Tenhou will not:

  • allow the same IP to play against itself in L0000 under any circumstances
  • allow the same set of IPs to play against each other in quick succession

The last point is a bit confusing, since I couldn't figure out precisely what stopped it. Anyway, the IP problem was solved by my shell provider having 255 virtual host IPs to bind to, so randomizing those for each player also fixed the latter issue.

Combine all of this in one great big loop, and you have yourself a winning combination. It took 394 games to reach the top rank, but to appear in the ranking page in the image above, a player requires 400 or more games, so I had mittens play an extra 6 games. Thus, mittens had a rate of 3083. Pretty good.

All of this received quite the fanfare on 2ch and a couple of Japanese blogs. The threads are:

And the following blogs mentioned it to my knowledge:

Of course, so did the main Tenhou blog, after it transpired that weird shit was going down: http://blog.tenhou.net/article/39870276.html. I feel bad for wasting Tsuno's time, though. .・゜・(つД`)・゜・.

The end result was that the ID mittens was deleted, and my IP range banned. Promptly after mittens was deleted, somebody reregistered it, so I don't have the ID anymore. The ID I used was ID35370011-Tg7M249D.

So, is it fixed? It doesn't look like it:

q@localhost ~/tenhoulogs/tools/bots/mittens+ $ perl nashibot+.pl 0


q@localhost ~/tenhoulogs/tools/bots/mittens+ $ perl ~/tenhoulogs/tools/lndecode.pl

(Note the fairly stranded 1,1 in the centre of the last three LN messages.)

mittens' performance can be seen here: http://arcturus.su/tenhou/ranking/ranking.pl?name=mittens&from=20100728 (note the date it begins from; mittens has had a previous and less perfect record before).

It must be stressed that running mittens had no impact on any other players. Furthermore, Tenhou is largely secure other than this bug, which is likely to be fixed soon.

What follows now is a complete list of the log IDs to the games played by mittens, along with the associated PROF details. I may release further details as time passes. I have full network logs out-of-game as well, but they aren't that interesting. I don't think people will be seeing source code for mittens, though.

2010072804gm-0101-0000-d29e7319 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-0d5c3888 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-492a3d43 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-32d55099 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-4a5ee055 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-507e2ec4 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-315a68ef |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-52f8304c |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-412fa648 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-6ffb36b0 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-50787ba1 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-2302ede8 |
2010072804gm-0101-0000-5856231d |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-11e9bf25 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-7ffe232b |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-36b85b06 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-7fc8fbf1 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-37a9cfbf |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-4be90f7f |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-7c2c10c5 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-1dc25cd1 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-45122298 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-58261fd6 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-1de63830 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-0ed1fd5e |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-70ba047b |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-784e6a08 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-02e2ebd0 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-45e571b7 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-4356782c |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-5838746c |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-03c51f39 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-6bc5115a |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-530c47dc |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-7d908497 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-165e6d82 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-096a20a6 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-67239e7e |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-03502ddf |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-08b9182f |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-0d3134b9 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-7174ba18 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-0502a3a3 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-68115a4c |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-742b8fc6 |
2010072805gm-0101-0000-50e43066 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-68c1b73e |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-1e392105 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-07f9550a |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-0c4510e8 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-073233a2 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-d54adc8b |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-2bad28ae |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-46cc715a |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-576241c3 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-4b63337c |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-57df6639 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-585f2e71 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-343803b1 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-69acbd9a |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-0cbf1ef0 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-57c657ee |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-03e2228e |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-74fb22d3 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-08ad0e46 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-48260810 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-000c96d2 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-3c921595 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-5f072a5d |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-1ce88c79 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-6ef70006 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-7490c6c2 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-78bd707e |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-d74165ea |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-5bef5167 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-365177f2 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-58fe73d3 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-624d6dc3 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-6b8c82da |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-26e7f58c |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-1aae372a |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-4f659c12 |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-30d6058a |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-21e3302b |
2010072806gm-0101-0000-10ada0c3 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-749d0437 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-4b12bb89 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-6bc92164 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-66ad6e10 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-7a442d4a |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-56b22750 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-5ce635fd |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-d56432ac |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-d7d50518 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-6a723dfc |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-2ce0bcf5 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-d01b0592 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-0fd023a9 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-75721422 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-6e1f22eb |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-560c7fb2 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-75f3293f |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-2329d1cd |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-664b20b0 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-577190fc |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-2039a9f7 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-09632ebd |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-2a8a49dc |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-5c2dc2ce |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-d2e7e316 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-1c622f35 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-706102fa |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-513e7257 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-3f8e1315 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-d59062c2 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-19a0cb78 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-4a8df9c2 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-289f0bd9 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-2f473b1f |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-0144a3f7 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-0a452564 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-16279498 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-2c8f8eec |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-08af3808 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-2f17d145 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-0f2138c9 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-6dbc3054 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-58622627 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-59d624f7 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-05f828a7 |
2010072807gm-0101-0000-6d851342 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-0f76f5b4 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-7c4d2827 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-003fae0d |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-09a16686 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-4cef0d9e |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-6c69ed8c |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-7d7e239d |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-d3d6a65a |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-66ab078e |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-5b029eb3 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-2a6531e9 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-68acaa07 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-471a911c |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-6c1581c4 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-160d31c2 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-788c312c |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-3f02ba1b |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-74a37b34 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-0c562148 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-1dac8973 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-2aa97c1b |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-58b167ae |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-77ae717f |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-4e8b0357 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-de1f39e4 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-0fb12e61 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-72b9fbc0 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-d17a83c9 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-67fdd14a |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-7bb3834b |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-053b59c3 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-6ccab506 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-63a001a0 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-72272730 |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-1f9fe3ad |
2010072808gm-0101-0000-0fe46c12 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-68c4158a |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-56192f55 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-320e45a6 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-5406f3eb |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-1050a51c |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-75b23a25 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-0fe5b8fe |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-39b386ee |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-0b414ac5 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-4c7b3220 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-1eccb490 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-4a532332 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-098216e3 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-394b8b2e |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-7e357791 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-662a04f6 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-299bb039 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-4a8b4439 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-279f311b |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-55796a10 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-433a7b2b |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-7fe0e834 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-768151ff |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-443c6e4a |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-7d041425 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-2f184909 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-de5af7d2 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-6c4d3f25 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-541ba0ce |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-7b01d9c9 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-4814c850 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-7df0e558 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-40e0ea8c |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-db5bf591 |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-d75bebab |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-19faeebd |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-4ef4bdad |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-d5b19c4d |
2010072809gm-0101-0000-2e03d22e |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-2cb991d9 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-46fea882 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-51abee96 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-1418d9f3 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-017fbc88 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-0b399c82 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-5d6ff45b |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-5d23b6fe |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-d09ba2c9 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-5e5199ee |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-61aef0ea |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-02a09be2 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-67444fa9 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-d658e120 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-0e59ea9c |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-660d814f |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-672dfd42 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-213385ac |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-36b1eb1c |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-1c09f677 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-7b7fea4f |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-207ccfe6 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-219a92f9 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-500b4dcc |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-3744de8b |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-29ea854e |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-453eb81c |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-d9a6abaf |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-3c899be9 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-7117c9d2 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-477d92bb |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-7569f219 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-c6f8afaf |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-1625fcb0 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-52ba8c53 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-4a77d1c0 |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-2993cc9d |
2010072810gm-0101-0000-5c2ed4ef |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-79bdd4cb |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-1c50e8b1 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-c5d7fff4 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-3cd6c217 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-71a3baf5 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-dc18d386 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-79ead93c |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-7056c374 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-621affb2 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-2671bc2c |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-4190c737 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-2777e53f |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-10be834e |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-4dddf1e5 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-348ba174 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-66b7ef62 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-2a63e5c0 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-1d3ee35d |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-c6e7cc99 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-d775c8f6 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-73b5eed1 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-68a1999f |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-dd6c8237 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-c57fe455 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-c57e8db0 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-4c8a9ac7 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-17a54533 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-123b807a |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-58ffb7ef |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-34af901e |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-330548cc |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-c1208aa9 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-46318736 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-4098a9bf |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-06d5f5e3 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-2acfab4b |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-61d9d1aa |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-744d4b2f |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-5847aafe |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-529bb693 |
2010072811gm-0101-0000-53abab04 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-270f847c |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-dfe6e4e5 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-09869426 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-5d1ce92e |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-5271ace3 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-55a2c80d |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-0b088628 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-1cd9e2e6 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-4b38ef0f |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-d1d0f7c9 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-589ba37d |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-d1b89e0e |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-d50fec1c |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-5ad3afa7 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-1405fb8c |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-14da9d17 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-1f81a018 |
2010072812gm-0101-0000-5c718469 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-7c465de2 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-24f3efe4 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-65a19242 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-67296352 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-773466fc |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-9b04afc9 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-135a7123 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-5413ee42 |
2010072819gm-0101-0000-9f979ecc |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-d857ee85 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-c97b76dd |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-dfecb8dc |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-96b26a16 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-6d4b9382 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-ec6c8d5f |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-98e66eea |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-ea52cb33 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-f08d9f70 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-31efca74 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-70a90b18 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-72b31fe2 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-e6a7cfc8 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-ff40a0bf |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-8619da2d |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-f14bad23 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-9f5ac929 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-8068c247 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-6b1f5d2f |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-9d9b0570 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-b469b277 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-8c754eaa |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-37f15613 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-ce0478f9 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-e96b5ed3 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-437496a1 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-6a985443 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-0e91b100 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-1325e352 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-5938f7f9 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-9cdd1a7a |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-f7be699f |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-947103d0 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-7f687290 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-7f9171d5 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-1cf06804 |
2010072820gm-0101-0000-ed8aaaa9 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-ca1b4682 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-e3a2038e |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-693372c7 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-02c4d0ef |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-cdcfbd05 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-f8a09b79 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-35f9a1a2 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-91c37cf7 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-c7bd0e58 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-5bb4141b |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-3b307f9b |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-4071f6b4 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-d3fe1acd |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-7bc97b8a |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-df4a1681 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-5c36dfb4 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-f4de77fb |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-c727a1bf |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-65072f94 |
2010072821gm-0101-0000-c3cef52a |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-a5d504b8 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-f3a79fc4 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-509cb4f2 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-e61241ed |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-a72e40d2 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-b56a9b57 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-68d09d92 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-a547828e |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-f87a67ed |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-4fce543c |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-91d11e27 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-1a8e5a2c |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-5c347667 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-e2a74ec9 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-8947d1dd |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-ad8171dd |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-17f550bc |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-74845ef0 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-11eba16e |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-458f2486 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-acbce412 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-3453a405 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-25d68e07 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-cc3bd1d5 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-b46bd4b8 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-9cc9aa90 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-da0f5856 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-84f00080 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-5881cd43 |
2010072822gm-0101-0000-da8000a0 |
2010072823gm-0101-0000-fce4bb72 |